Charles E. Watkins

To whom it may concern,

In March 2018, Blackline Corporation completed the construction of a ground-up, 7,104 square footage end-stage renal dialysis facility located at 2500 Louisiana Avenue in New Orleans, LA. The project is located in a densely populated area in the “Uptown” district.

As the Developer/Owner of the project, 2500 Louisiana Avenue Healthcare, LLC made the decision to select Blackline Corporation as the General Contractor based on multiple factors including: quality of work, experience with the intricacies of dialysis facility construction, and anticipated schedule. The project involved multiple unique obstacles that Blackline Corporation was able to navigate to perfection.

  • The project was located in a Historic Neighborhood District, and was subjected to multiple architectural design review meetings. Blackline assisted in providing cost estimating associated with City design requests and was vital in providing value-engineering options to ensure the budget was maintained.
  • During demolition of the existing structure and parking lot on site, the team encountered sub­surface asbestos containing materials. Being a true “unforeseen condition”, Blackline’s experience allowed them to quickly coordinate the proper permitting and abatement in a timely manner, and effectively maintain the project schedule.
  • A major stormwater infrastructure project on Louisiana Avenue ran concurrently with our project. Blackline went above and beyond the call of duty and took steps to communicate directly with the City’s General Contractor to ensure proper coordination of the infrastructure project with our new facility. This was an effort to ensure quality of the finished project.

The finished project exceeded expectations of the entire project team. Blackline’s organization and communication throughout the project was exceptional. Instead of simply presenting the issue at hand, Blackline comes to the table armed with potential solutions. Without reservation, I whole heartedly offer my endorsement for Blackline to receive the ABC Merit Award.


Charles E. Watkins, Project Manager